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Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Shepherdstown, West Virginia

This new station was built by N&W after much lobbying by the town.

On New Year's Eve 1890, Shepherdstown received an electric crossing signal bell.

One interesting story about Shepherdstown occurred nearly 100 years ago.  On November 8, 1912 a significant portion of downtown Shepherdstown caught fire. With an inferno raging out of control, a desperate Mayor Martin sent an urgent message

 to Hagerstown requesting assistance using the railroad telegraph. N&W responded by loading a new auto-truck from the First Hagerstown Hose Company onto a flat car and rushing it to Shepherdstown on a special train.  The 17-mile trip, from Hagerstown to Lemon's elevator in Shepherdstown, took 24-minutes, an astounding time considering the multiple sharp turns and steep grades the special train encountered along the way.