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Photo provided with the permission of the VT ImageBase

Initially Luray, Virginia was a lengthy stop for the Shenandoah Vally Railroad, as food was not available on the train.  The SVR restaurant served meals to patrons and because of this the time the train stopped in Luray had to be lengthen to allow passengers enough time to eat their meal.

Around the turn of the century this stop included 46-foot track scales, put in place primarily for the Deford Tannery -- at the time the largest tannery in the United States.

Photo courtesy Vicenç Feliú - Sabreur76/

Identical in design to the station in Berryville, 
Peter Bouck Borst (23 June 1826 – 24 April 1882) was from Luray, Virginia.  He was an active participant in the mid-19th century development of Page County, Virginia, serving as a lawyer, county delegate to Virginia's Secession Convention of 1861, and president of the Shenandoah Valley Railroad.