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All photos contained within this website are copyrighted with attribution to their respective owners typically provided under each image.  There are several photographs which warrant a more detailed citation.  Providers of these images include:
  • VT ImageBase (http://imagebase.lib.vt.edu/), housed and operated by Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries; scanning by Digital Imaging, Learning Technologies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
  • Top photo on the engines page was taken by Perry Otto, July 13, 1953, is copyrighted and reproduced with the permission of the Denver Public Library
  • Engine no. 111 reproduced with permission from the website of Roy Blanchard.  
  • Photographs of engine nos. 130 were taken in May 1957 by Edward J. Ozog.  They were obtained from the Railroad Picture Archives.  Permission is pending.
  • Engine no. 135 is from the collection of David V. Leonard and reproduced with permission from the website Richard Leonard's Rail Archive.  
  • Front Royal station color photo used with permission from Vicenç Feliú - Sabreur76/Flickr.com
Historic content comes from many sources including Norfolk & Western's Shenandoah Valley Line by Mason Y. Cooper, (c) 1998 by Norfolk and Western Historical Society, Inc.